Funko Pop 4" Protective Display Case

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Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newbie interested in collecting the unique Funko Pop 4" vinyl figurines of your favorite characters, these are the best protective display cases for you. Keep your figures for the longest time possible while preventing dust, moisture, fingerprints, and accidental damage to your precious collection. Made with the best archive-grade acid-free PET plastic that is odor-free and transparent, show off your favorite vinyl figures with pride and confidence. Easily stackable, embrace the convenience and organization these cases offer. With a peel-off protective film to ensure they arrive in mint condition, these scratch resistant cases feature a lock-in top lid and are super easy to assemble. From rare and exclusives to Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, or anime figures, they fit perfectly. Keep your figurines in pristine conditions, and let it reflect your love and dedication!


  • Durable PET Plastic Material for Maximum Protection

  • Convenient Lock-in Top Closure

  • Weather and Scratch Resistant

  • Protection Against Dust and Finger Print

  • Perfect for Long-Term Storage

  • Easy to Assemble and Use

  • Transparent for Easy Visualization