About Us

Where it all began: 

It was 2001, soon to be husband and wife, Patrick & Shannon, had just bought their first house, gotten engaged and had their first (& only) son, Matthew!  Going through rough times, they brain stormed on how they were going to make their mortgage payment while also providing for their newborn.  Shannon had been dabbling a bit in selling on eBay while Patrick was working a full time job outside of the home.  Worried about finances, Patrick gave his soon to be wife his childhood Battle Beast collection to sell on eBay - 2 weeks later, they sold it all and made enough to hold them over for TWO months!  And from there, it all began.  Going from business names: "Dragon Salez" to "PRO Gaming" (A play on Patrick's initials) and then finally settling on GEEKED OUT in 2010.

To date, Shannon & Patrick are eBay, Poshmark and Amazon Sellers, as well as having a physical location inside the families' business, Murray's Flea Market. In 2012 they launched Geeked Out Events which is an event where they invite other local geeks to sell under one roof.  Visit www.geekedoutevents.ca for more info. 

In April of 2021, Patrick decided to "retired" from his day job and join Shannon full time working on their business.  And later in 2021, their son, Matthew, joined the team!  Together, they make a great team and work hard to bring their customers and fellow collectors the best and newest products - from vintage to current! 

Shop with confidence in knowing that they are professional and no stranger to the products they are selling.  Every item is photographed, tested if needed, described as best they can - and shipping their items is where their pride definitely shines with such care and detail going into packing up each product for their new home.

If you are in the Lanark County or Ottawa Valley area, please come by and see their location.  Open Friday-Sunday from 10am-4pm.  525 High Street., Carleton Place.  They can't wait to serve you!   

OR, shop online!  You'll find hundreds and hundreds of products in their online catalog.  If you have any questions, please reach out through their Contact Us form.